David Solway

Installations, David Solway’s 14th book of poetry, is haunted with transformation, Few poets possess as commanding a gift for metaphor or can use it to masterfully conjure the ever-changing landscape of the natural world. Like the jerry-rigged farmer’s contraption that stands in for “eclectic grandeur and jumbled eloquence,” this collection celebrates the way ordinary elements can be yoked to create wholly original insights. Be it through rhyme or free verse, slang or lyricism, and roaming a dazzling range of tones—satirical, philosophical, scabrous, tender, celebratory—Installations offers up a world depicted and inhabited in all its manifestations.

Signal Editions
Poetry 2015


Praise for David Solway:

This is writing of a very high order. –Canadian Literature

Praise for Chess Pieces:

They are true poems, and their play releases powerful forces.–The Atlantic Monthly

David Solway is the author of many award winning books of poetry and prose including Director’s Cut (2003), his critique of contemporary poetry; Franklin’s Passage (2003), winner of Le Grand Prix du Livre de Montréal; and Reaching for Clear (2006), awarded the A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry. He lives in Gananoque, Ontario.

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