Selected Poems

David Solway

A collection of poems selected by Douglas Barbour from Sommer's five previously published books. Also includes four new poems. "I once watched Richard Sommer practicing Tai Chi at sunrise on a summer morning. His carefully choreographed movements were both premeditated and utterly free. In silence his body acted out a rhythm which invoked song. That image—kinetic, rhythmic, pure and solitary—is traced in his best poems." —Douglas Barbour, from the Introduction

Poetry 1998

David Solway is the author of many books of poetry including Modern Marriage, Bedrock, Saracen Island: The Poetry of Andreas Karavis, and Franklin's Passage, winner of the 2004 Le Grand Prix du Livre de Montréal. His most recent collection, The Pallikari of Nesmine Rifat, was published in 2005. Currently an associate editor with Books in Canada, he lives in Hudson, Quebec.

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