Modern Marriage

David Solway

A series of lucid and engaging "postcard" sonnets written as letters to the poet's wife from temporary residences in Greece and in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

Poetry 1998


"There are few poets here or abroad who have inspired book-length collections of tribute poems. "Nobody, it appears, / either under his real name or his alias, / missed him enough to report," Klein says in his signature poem Portrait of the Poem as Landscape, published in 1948. The editors have thankfully dispelled this sentiment, at least for Klein himself." —Peter O'Brien, Montreal Gazette

David Solway is the author of many books of poetry including Modern Marriage, Bedrock, Saracen Island: The Poetry of Andreas Karavis, and Franklin's Passage, winner of the 2004 Le Grand Prix du Livre de Montréal. His most recent collection, The Pallikari of Nesmine Rifat, was published in 2005. Currently an associate editor with Books in Canada, he lives in Hudson, Quebec.

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