The Body on Mount Royal

David Montrose
With an introduction by Kevin Burton Smith

Finally, after 58 years The Body on Mount Royal is back in print, starring hard-drinking private dick, Russell Teed.

From the back cover of the 1953 edition:
Take a brutally beaten body, a lonely spot on Montreal's famous mountain, and a buxum brunette whose embrace brings treachery. Add a large dose of vicious gang warfare and a slice of underworld life. Mix these ingredients well and you have a large helping of spicy, fast-paced adventure.

An excerpt from the book:
I have a hunch you want to hear about the people I know, the ones I work among and get drunk with, and beat up or get beat up by. Sure, I know the rolling greenery of upper Westmount and the high square solemn houses of midtown Montreal's Square Mile, and the wide streets of Outremont with the mansions set way back. But my name is Russell Teed. R. Teed, Private Investigator. I don't always like it, but I get involved in crimes. And I go where the criminals go.


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"They’re cheap, gritty, good reads, and they feel like home. ""–Katia Grubisic

"Pulp fiction chez nous. As vivid as Chandler’s Los Angeles, as Montreal as a quart of Molson."" –Kevin Burton Smith, Editor/founder, The Thrilling Detective Web Site

David Montrose was the pen name of Montrealer Charles Ross Graham. He is the author of Murder Over Dorval [1952], and The Crime on Cote des Neiges [1951]. Montrose died in 1968.

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