Cheap Thrills New York: Great NYC Meals for under $15

Edited by Nancy Marrelli and Simon Dardick

New York is a unique city where you can eat out inexpensively without compromising taste or quality. The authors asked New Yorkers to tell them about their favourite low-cost restaurant. The ground rules were simple. The food had to be good and the prices had to be $15 or less before taxes, tip, or wine. It had to be a place they would want to go back to. The response was overwhelming! New Yorkers were eager to share their favourite haunts and discoveries. Over 80 recommended restaurants reflecting the diversity of New York-including the boroughs: Chinese, Italian, Ethiopian, Cuban, Japanese, Cajun, Polish, West African, French, Middle-Eastern, American regional, Russian, Peruvian, Indian, Thai, Ukrainian, Mexican, and more. Plus seafood, vegetarian, kosher, deli, bistros, and cafés.

Reference 1998

Out of print