Quicker Than The Eye

Joe Fiorito

Praise for Joe Fiorito:

"[Fiorito] is a master of sparsity—there are no wasted words here, no lingering sing-song rhymes or repetitive pentameter. Each word is carefully chosen, shaping each line with sometimes delicacy, sometimes bluntness. His pen is a scalpel. With a cool surgical incision he dissects memories."—Michael Sobota, Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal

“Fiorito proves himself a storyteller of remarkable gifts: there’s an aura of dignity and beauty over events, sometimes terrible, sometimes tender.”—Esquire

“Joe Fiorito writes like a rough-hewn angel.”—The Globe and Mail

"The poems in Quicker Than the Eye are a marvel for the eye, ear, and mind, achieving that rarest of poetic feats: reportage turned song." —Virginia Konchan, Harriet Books

“Fiorito has all the right stuff.”—Mordecai Richler