One Long Line of Marvel: 200 Years of Montrealís St. Patrickís Parade

Alan Hustak

There are parades and then there is Montrealís St. Patrickís parade, which has marched through the streets of the city and into Canadian history for 200 years. The street carnival has outlived the Patriote Rebellion of 1837, Fenian infiltration, Orange animosity, strained relationships among Roman Catholic priests who wanted it cancelled, two world wars, two Quebec independence referendums, and two centuries of howling March winds and chilling sub zero temperatures.

With One Long Line of Marvel veteran journalist Alan Hustak has dug up untold nuggets about the parade and nested them with historical certainty and an imaginative flourish in the setting of a Montreal that he knows. Although the author is not a son of Erin, he is considered an honorary Irishman and in 2006 walked the parade route as Chief Reviewing Officer. With this book he continues to honour Montrealís Irish community by celebrating its personalities and by telling its stories. One Long Line of Marvel enlightens, entertains, amuses and perhaps above all superbly chronicles a long and worthwhile tradition in Montrealís history.

Vťhicule Press

Alan Hustak is the author of several books including Faith Under Fire: Frederick G. Scott, Canada's Extraordinary Chaplain of the Great War, Titanic: The Canadian Story, Sir William Hingston (1829-1907): Montreal Mayor, Surgeon and Banker and Magnetic North, a biography of Justin Trudeau. He received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 and his native province, Saskatchewan, awarded him the Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee Medal in 2022. After 25 years of working in Montreal, he now lives in Saskatchewan where he is contributing editor at the Fort QuíAppelle Times.

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