Stuart Robertson's Tips on Organic Gardening

Stuart Robertson

With illustrations by the author, Stuart Robertson's Tips on Organic Gardening is an easy-to-read guide that answers the most frequently asked questions about general gardening techniques for urban and rural gardeners. This guide is destined to become dog-eared and dirty from being grabbed to answer gardening questions. It is the first in a series by Robertson on gardening in Canada and the northern United States.The gardening techniques in Stuart Robertson's Tips on Organic Gardening are based on sustainable organic principles. He explains how to plant and maintain a garden in ways that are easy to understand and put into practice-using products and techniques that have a positive influence on the environment. This is a gardening book that is basic enough for the novice and yet detailed enough for the experienced gardener. Robertson takes the mystery out of the organic approach to gardening because he believes that in the long run, it's a healthier and more successful way to garden.

Véhicule Press
Gardening 2007

Stuart Robertson has been answering gardening questions on CBC Radio and tv for nearly three decades. He has been the gardening columnist for the Montreal Gazette and a freelance gardening writer for over 25 years.

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