The Bacchus Wine Notebook

Pierre Veronneau

The Bacchus Wine Notebook is designed as a first tool for exploring the fascinating world of wine. Since it is difficult to remember the wines we have tasted, the Bacchus Wine Notebook's "Wine Log" is a practical way of recording the wines that have been enjoyed, or perhaps not at all.Whether simply for pleasure or for future consultation, The Bacchus Wine Notebook's'Tasting Sheets' will help wine lovers recall the wines they have tasted. "To anyone taking his or her first steps into the world of wine it must look like a very complicated place. There are so many varieties. The problem's the same for the more experienced wine lover. Have I had this wine before, Did I like it? What did it taste like? If only I'd made a note of it!'" Malcolm Anderson, wine columnist, Montreal Gazette Features:

  • The Wine Log section for one-line notes
  • Tasting Sheets for recording impressions of wines for future reference
  • Glossary [if stuck for a word to describe the wine]
  • Easy to use, lies flat when open
  • Fits in purse or pocket
  • Quotations and anecdotes

Reference 2002

Out of print