Selected Poems

Ralph Gustafson

"Ralph was an infinitely wise poet." -Bruce Whiteman Early in the month of May 1995, only days before his death [1909-1995], Ralph Gustafson completed two manuscripts. In 1996 Véhicule Press published Visions Fugitive [edited by Bruce Whiteman], his last poetry collection. The second manuscript was a modest "selected" which we present just as he intended.

"I must be aging. I hardly know, or want to know what I have selected. One gets ingrained with the dust of dismissive years. So many poems I might have with justice included but for the neglectful attendance. Which all above has nothing to do with the intention here. Justification I dislike as anyone who has his heart on what he has chosen to do-the plumber who makes things work, a kneader of necessary bread, a poet and his musical language and meaning. My intention was that I meant to delight." - R.G., North Hatley, 1995.

Poetry 2001

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In a writing career that spanned sixty years Ralph Gustafson published many volumes of poetry and edited the influential Penguin Book of Canadian Verse. Fire on Stone [1974] won the Governor-General's Award for Poetry and in 1997 he posthumously received the QSPELL A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry for Visions Fugitive.

Other books by Ralph Gustafson: Visions Fugitive
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