A Birds-Eye View: A Practical Compendium for Bird-Lovers

David Bird

Why do grackles rub mothballs over their feathers? Are pigeons and house sparrows merely to be despised? Do chickadees grow new brains each year? Why do vultures defecate down their legs and vomit? What does it take to set up an ideal bird feeding station? How do birds keep warm in winter? What do you do when your child brings home a baby bird? Of interest to North American bird-lovers everywhere, these are just a sprinkling of the questions to be tackled in this delectable collection of the best of the ornithological essays written by Dr. David M. Bird over the last fifteen years. Not only is Birds-Eye View ideal for those wishing to learn more about the lives of the birds with which we share the planet, it is also an invaluable reference for that growing army of enthusiasts eager to enjoy their company by offering them housing, food and water. Employing plenty of humour, wit and personal family experiences, Dr. Bird's engaging writing style makes Birds-Eye View a delightful, easy-to-read book for anyone with even a passing interest in birds.

Nature 1998

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