Eating My Words: 1998-99 Guide to Montreal Restaurants

Byron Ayanoglu

I have always believed that my most sacred restaurant-scouting duty is to the reader, not the restaurant. My task is to give informed, unprejudiced, uninfluenced reports, so that the reader can know what to expect. And of all the criteria-decor, service, wine list, cachet-it is the food that I try to judge most carefully. -Byron Ayanoglu EATING MY WORDS is more than a restaurant guide. It is Montreal Gazette restaurant critic Byron Ayanoglu's report on eating his way through Montreal's finest and best-known restaurants over a 12-month period. It is food writing that entertains and informs—providing the facts necessary to guarantee a successful evening out in a restaurant. EATING MY WORDS features— - Quick-reference capsule reviews - Major reviews - Comprehensive indexes - Complete information on each restaurant

Reference 1998

Byron Ayanoglu is the author of over fourteen stage plays, all of which have been mounted in cities throughout the world. He is a professional chef and well-known food-critic whose columns have appeared in The Gazette [Montreal] and NOW magazine in Toronto. He has hosted a five-part series for PBS and authored numerous cook books, including Byron’s New Home Cooking and Montreal’s Guide to Restaurants. He resides in Montreal.

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