Restless Energy: A Biography of William Rowan 1891-1957

Marianne Ainley

William Rowan was one of Canada's most prestigious scientists in the first half of the 20th century. A world- renowned biologist, outstanding conservationist, wildlife artist, and founder of the department of zoology at the University of Alberta, Rowan established an international reputation with his experiments on bird migration and pioneered the use of radio as a vehicle for popularizing science and conservation. Restless Energy describes Rowan's experiences as a European-trained scientist in the Canadian West and chronicles his scientific experiments and concern about social issues. With a feminist sensibility, Restless Energy also looks at Rowan's career as a scientist and the effect his commitment to science had on his marriage.

Biography & Autobiography 1998

Marianne G. Ainley was a historian of science and principal of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia University in Montreal.

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