Birds of a Feather

Catholyn Jansen

Birds of a Feather is Catholyn Jansen's dramatic debut as a writer of fiction. A highly original work of startling imaginative power, this collection of linked short stories about working-class women is set in the small town of Tisol, Ontario. Many of the women spend their weekdays at Beadleman's Poultry Processing Plant—one of the most vividly-realized workplaces in contemporary fiction—and their Saturday evenings at the Tilson Inn. Grittily realistic in its evocation of the lives of working women, Birds of a Feather is also comic in the attention it pays to their unglamorous jobs at Beadleman's. And it is gripping in its account of the fury the women unleash on the town's violent womanizer.

Fiction 1998

Catholyn Jansen was born in Holland and became a Canadian citizen in 1963. The next year she accepted her first factory job working in a poultry processing plant. She went on to work in film production as a writer/director with the NFB and private industry.
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