States of Emergency

Yoyo Comay

"Yoyo Comay's States of Emergency strikes as playful and precise; a lyrically-dense debut of hush and urgency, screeching calm across such restless, incredible silence."—rob mclennan

"For Yoyo Comay, poetry is an emergency room where the body of the human being and the world, torn apart, riddled with fear, can seek respite, kind hands, perhaps even healing. States of Emergency shivers with the voice of a unique new poet of relentlessly clear, if violent, vision."—A.F. Mortiz

"Yoyo Comay's States of Emergency is a soul-cry whittled into a dagger: this long form poem, visceral to its core, gives off the heat of an open wound. A descent into a controlled madness where 'harmonies of disaster/thaw and hatch.' A most assured debut."—Michael Redhill

“Yoyo Comay’s power to turn a phrase, however enigmatic, is startling. Reading States of Emergency, I feel like an oboe player encountering Jimi Hendrix.”—Richard Greene