Girls, Interrupted: How Pop Culture Is Failing Women

Lisa Whittington-Hill

"Lisa Whittington-Hill's Girls, Interrupted is brilliantly considered, meticulously researched, and laugh-out-loud funny. Her essays deftly connect the dots between Hollywood, the (invariably sexist) media we consume, and the impossible, punishing standards to which we hold women. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand how pop culture affects our everyday lives, for better and, often, for worse."–Lauren McKeon, author of No More Nice Girls

"Lisa Whittington-Hill's pop culture writing is unmatched in its infectious enthusiasm. Through fresh takes on beloved icons, up-to-the-moment references, and one-liners worthy of a nineties heroine, Girls, Interrupted offers a vital correction to the way our culture has long misread women's art and lives. Double standards don't stand a chance against this book."–Tajja Isen, author of Some of My Best Friends