Chad Campbell

"Imagine an image hitting the eye with rapid-fire description, as if it were projected through a television that allowed the viewer to delight in the flicker of each frame. This is the technique Campbell favors." –Jim Johnstone, Carousel

"An unwavering look at mental health, addiction, and the immigrant experience. Using plainspoken, but moving language, Campbell uses long form sequences to paint a complex picture of the wraithlike way past generations of family affect the future." —James Lindsay, Open Book

"One of the strongest books of poetry I’ve read this year, and easily among the best debut collections I’ve read in years." –Robert Moore, The Partisan

“Chad Campbell's poems are the guests that stay behind after the party long enough to "hear the silence sweep the voices back inside itself," the embers of a fire lit inside the mind where it refuses to be extinguished.” – D.A. Powell