Canada's Forgotten Slaves: Two Hundred Years of Bondage

Marcel Trudel
Translated by George Tombs

George Tombs' translation of Trudel's book is well done. The numerous graphs and charts are uncomplicated and easy to digest. All in all, it's a rare find — an academic work, translated from another language, that sparkles with clarity and is absorbing to read. — Nelle Oosterom, Canada’s History

"This book provides the only available outline of the contours of the slave system … in seventeenth and eighteenth-century New France." –Canadian Historical Review

"A major and controversial work." –Le Devoir

Finally now, more than half a century after Trudel’s ground-breaking work was first brought out in French, it has been capably translated by George Tombs –Literary Review of Canada

The shocking details are all laid out in a book by Quebec historian Marcel Trudel that has just appeared in an English-language paperback as Canada’s Forgotten Slaves: Two Hundred Years of Bondage.–The Globe and Mail

Trudel’s work will be invaluable to future historians hoping to further reveal the institutional peculiarities of Canadian slavery.–British Association for Canadian Studies

This is a story worth learning about.–