The Man Who Killed Houdini

Don Bell

"[Don Bell] decided to track down the Montrealer who dealt Houdini's fatal blow. And he came away with a book full of surprises..." -National Public Radio

"A fabulous read." -Patrick Watson

"Not only does this story shed light on a misunderstood chapter of local history, it also represents a remarkable piece of investigative journalism--one that blends an engrossing subject with a fascinating chase, recounted with gusto, humanity and charm. This is a priceless contribution to the history of magic and Montreal. ... It may not be, as Bell hastens to point out, a biography of Houdini the magician, but it is very much full of magic nonetheless." -Montreal Gazette

"The puncher [Whitehead] emerges from Bell's investigation as a Dostoyevskian character, a tormented failure with no visibile means of support besides living off women, a shoplifter of books, a secretive and sickly man and possibly a drug addict or alcoholic." -Toronto Star

"The best account we are likely to ever have of the people and events that combined to cause Houdini's death." -Westmount Examiner

"[Don Bell was] one of Montreal's great essayists." -Montreal Mirror