Renewing Our Days: Montreal Jews in the 20th Century

Edited by Ira Robinson and Mervin Butovsky

"Young is a storyteller and his ability to marry storylines to strongly crafted, richly imaged poetry, is a rare gift, indeed. [...] The Island In Winter is a truly remarkable first book and, by blending his considerable expertise as both fiction writer and poet, Young has made sure that it is one that can be read and appreciated by anyone who enjoys truly fine writing." Ronnie R. Brown, Canadian Bookseller

"Young's work is sure-footed and entertaining, and he's adept with humour, at times using it to ground romanticism. ...This is a book that will have a wide range of appeal; even those readers not normally drawn to poetry will enjoy the poet's compassionate, forthright, and fresh vision. ...Young is an exceptional poet, and he's only going to get better." Kelly Parsons, Malahat Review "This is a wonderful collection of joyful meditations in lyric narrative mode. The bulk of the poems are written in free verse strophes, but the occasional prose poem and exploration of parallel syntax in open form lyric add spice to the mix. Music and image are splendidly handled throughout, and Young is especially adept at creating the telling image. An auspicius beginning indeed." Richard Stevenson, Books in Canada