Resisting Canada

Edited by Nyla Matuk
With an introduction by Nyla Matuk

"Resisting Canada... slices through the narrative of Canadian exceptionalism.... It is a searing critique of a settler state that continues to silence, abuse, and oppress Black, Indigenous, and people of colour, and features the work of new and established figures in contemporary poetry: Lee Maracle, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Canisia Lubrin, and Billy-Ray Belcourt, among many others." - Marcela Huerta, Montreal Review of Books

"This is not an anthology of cheeky bon mots about the scoundrels in Parliament, nor is it too interested in relitigating the nationalist project of Canadian literature; rather, Resisting Canada questions the integrity of Canadian statehood.... What makes Resisting Canada stand out among other recent Canadian poetry anthologies is not simply its editor’s unapologetic polemicism or the defiant spirit of its poems but the way these strands are inextricably integrated." - Bardia Sinaee, Quill & Quire