The Bleeds

Dimitri Nasrallah

The Bleeds isn’t a mere burlesque of a dictatorship, but is instead a fierce political satire with real teeth.” -Jeff Miller, Montreal Review of Books

“Nasrallah invites readers to imagine themselves imbedded in power structures—not for the purpose of humanizing dictators, but as a means of jarring us out of our own polarized ideologies.” -Shenaz Kermalli, Quill & Quire

"Nasrallah’s construction of the book shows how multifaceted revolutions can be, and how the ideal of an information-and-citizenry-propelled deposition of corrupt leadership is often a total illusion.... The Bleeds delivers a damning vision of freedom as merely a useful concept to discuss loudly while quietly seizing absolute power." -Naben Ruthnum, Literary Review of Canada

"Nasrallah’s biggest coup comes out of his biggest risk … He represents both Mustafa and Vadim in the first-person, alternating their voices to increasingly dramatic effect and universalizing both his protagonists to the point where you can forget for pages at a time that this particular father and son happen to control a nation’s fate." Ian McGillis, Montreal Gazette