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Fiction Editor.
Dimitri Nasrallah is the author of three novels, most recently The Bleeds (2018). Blackbodying (2005), won Quebec&aposs McAuslan First Book Prize and was a finalist for the Grand Prix du Livre de Montréal. Niko (2011), won the Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction, and was nominated for CBC&aposs Canada Reads and the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. Niko went on to become a critical and commercial success in French. Dimitri is currently translating Éric Plamondon&aposs 1984 Trilogy from French to English of which Hungary-Hollywood Express and Mayonnaise have been published. Dimitri succeeded Andrew Steinmetz, founding editor of the fiction series (2003-2013).


Dossier Québec

Dossier Québec documents Québec society for those of us who live here and to those in the rest of Canada and beyond

Selected titles

Yellow-Wolf & Other Tales of the Saint Lawrence Yellow-Wolf & Other Tales of the Saint Lawrence
Phillipe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé

"This beautiful little book, handsomely embellished ... has enormous archival value." -Globe & Mail
Wrestling with Colonialism on Steroids
Wrestling with Colonialism on Steroids:
Quebec Inuit Fight for Their Homeland

Zebedee Nungak
They Were so Young
They Were so Young:
Montrealers Remember World War II

Patricia Burns
Saving the City
Saving the City:
The Challenge of Transforming a Modern Metropolis

Daniel Sanger
Renewing Our Days
Renewing Our Days:
Montreal Jews in the 20th Century

Ira Robinson
Putting Down Roots
Putting Down Roots:
Montreal's Immigrant Writers

Elaine Kalman Naves
Of Jesuits and Bohemians
Of Jesuits and Bohemians
Jean-Claude Germain
No Place More Suitable
No Place More Suitable:
Four Centuries of Montreal Stories

John Kalbfleisch
Jewel in a Park, A
A Jewel in a Park:
The Westmount Public Library 1897-1918

Elizabeth Hanson
History Through Our Eyes
History Through Our Eyes:
Photos of People and Events That Shaped 20th Century Montreal

Edie Austin
City with a Difference, A
A City with a Difference:
The Rise and Fall of the Montreal Citizens Movement

Timothy Thomas
Canada's Forgotten Slaves
Canada's Forgotten Slaves:
Two Hundred Years of Bondage

Marcel Trudel